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Partnership for a Healthy America – Brief Historic Sketch

The 2nd incarnation of PFAHA was founded by the Owens family trio, a brother-sister team, Kenny J Owens of Houston, Texas, and Donna Adam Owens of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kenny’s sister, and a father-son team Eric Owens of Chicago, Illinois, Kenny’s son, combine forces to produce a unique convergence of technologies, to¬† resolve health problems and head the country a healthier direction. Kenny is the conceiving founder.

Kenny first dreamed of his “partnership” in 1972 after two years of being vegetarian. In 1983 he became aware of the wellness pioneers of the 19th and 20th century, and in 1985 formed the Partnership For A Healthy America, version 1.0. Due to circumstances beyond his control, and after numerous efforts with the Olympic Committee, the Clinton Administration, and the NIH, Kenny became disillusioned that his lifelong dream would ever accomplish the grand vision he saw so vitally needed to make America healthier. Today, Kenny stands far more experienced and determined and is ready to take up the role and lead a nation into a wellness revolution.

Kenny stands today finishing his Myofascial and Wellness Books and outlines for 2 documentary films of same name, and looking to assemble a coalition of wellness advocates and holistic minded citizens and physicians to join forces to usher in a future not yet imagined.